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Monster Hunter World Iceborne’s final major update brings back Fatalis

Monster Hunter World has had a fantastic run over the last couple of years, going on to become the game of the generation for many. The game got another boost last year with the Iceborne expansion, but it is time for the sun to set on that story, with the final major update being announced this week. 

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will be getting its last major update in October called ‘The Last Stand’. As the name suggests, this will put players against their biggest challenge yet – Fatalis.

For those who don’t know, Fatalis is a legendary Dragon that first appeared in the original Monster Hunter game as an online-only boss, something that wasn’t nearly as common back in the PS2 days. The Last Stand update will bring him back for modern Monster Hunter players to test their skills against.

Aside from this massive boss fight, this update also includes some other additions, including master rank layered armour sets, the Clutch Claw skill allowing you to beat down on monsters after just one hit no matter if you’re using a light or heavy weapon, as well as new decorations for your private room. There will also be a seasonal event in October for Halloween, during which players can get themed armour for their Palico and a new costume for your handler.

KitGuru Says: The Last Stand update is coming on the 1st of October and should serve as a fantastic end to what has been a great expansion. Do you think we’ll see a second Monster Hunter World expansion next year? Or will Capcom be busy working on the next big sequel instead?

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