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New No Man’s Sky update aims to fix frame rate and more

The latest No Man’s Sky patch has landed this week, with Hello Games claiming that they are well on their way to resolving most support issues in the game.  This specific patch seems to target frame rates in order to provide a smoother experience, while also adding in support for more hardware.

The patch itself was detailed briefly on Sean Murray’s Twitter, where he claimed that just 1% of players have reported issues with the game so far, though we aren’t sure if he is just counting those emailing the Hello Games’ support line directly or not.


So far, the full patch notes for No Man’s Sky version 1.04 have yet to be released. However, I can say that the patch has helped put a stop to stuttering on my system, featuring a Core i7 6700K and a GTX 1080. I had quite a few issues with No Man’s Sky when it first launched though, which I wrote about, HERE. 

The one thing this patch doesn’t seem to help solve is the way textures load in. You can still be flying slowly across a planet’s surface and watch as the ground continues to shift and form itself as you approach.

KitGuru Says: I had quite a few performance issues with No Man’s Sky on day one, but it looks like things are starting to get fixed now. Are any of you guys still playing No Man’s Sky? Have these updates helped you at all? 

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