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Next Arkham Knight patch planned for August

If you are on the PC and still waiting for the game to be fixed before you play Batman: Arkham Knight then we have some news for you. Warner Bros has revealed that it is hoping to release the next patch for the game some time in August, the down side is that this won't be the final fix but rather, an ‘interim' patch.

The patch will target some issues currently affecting PC users in an effort to make the game a bit more playable, though exact details are currently unknown as the patch has yet to be finalized. This comes just a few days after an internal Warner Bros email leaked, suggesting that the game would not be up to scratch until September at the earliest.


“As an update, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Rocksteady and our partners are targeting an interim patch update for existing players to be released in August. This update will address many of the issues we listed in our June 27 update”, the Warner Bros update said.

“We will provide additional details as we finalise that interim patch over the coming weeks. We would like to thank you for your continued patience and invaluable feedback. We are continuing to monitor and listen for any additional issues and are driving towards a full update for everyone as quickly as we possibly can.”

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KitGuru Says: While some claim to have not run in to any issues with Arkham Knight on the PC, there are still plenty of widespread problems with the game, which are well documented throughout the internet. If you have been waiting to play the game on the PC then it looks like Warner Bros is looking at September for the final fix. 

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