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Sea of Thieves anniversary update brings story campaign, new PvP mode and more

Next week, Sea of Thieves' big one year anniversary update will set sail, bringing in a bunch of new features and most notably, a story campaign. Rare has been working on improving this game throughout its first year and brought players back in the form of timed event expansions. However, the one year anniversary update will make much bigger, long-term changes to the game.

Shores of Gold is the name of the story campaign that will be heading in to Sea of Thieves next week. The trailer promises to set you out on an adventure across islands in search of lost treasure. On your journey, you will encounter new characters, fight bosses and complete puzzles as you piece together the clues leading you.

Aside from the Shores of Gold campaign, the anniversary update will include ‘The Arena', Sea of Thieves' new PvP focused game mode for those that want to just squad up and go to battle on the ocean. The Hunter's Call content update will also bring new game mechanics, including hunting, fishing and cooking. The Hunter's Call Trading Company will also appear in the world, giving you access to new gear.

All of these updates are arriving on the 30th of April and so far, it all looks very promising.

KitGuru Says: I revisited Sea of Thieves a few weeks ago with some friends and even now, the game is still a lot of fun, although there isn't much reason to play on a consistent basis. Hopefully this update will start to change that as Rare is adding what appears to be a lot of new content all at once. Did many of you play Sea of Thieves at launch? Will you be giving it another chance once the anniversary update rolls out?

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