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Treyarch details some changes for Black Ops 4 following beta feedback

The multiplayer beta for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has wrapped up and Treyarch has since had a chance to look over all of the feedback. Now we know what the studio plans to change for the game’s final release, including nerfs to the new body armour mechanic.

For starters, some changes are being made to ‘fog of war’ and the in-game minimap. During the beta, a reveal circle would appear around enemy players on the minimap by default, this functionality has now been moved to the ‘Team Link’ perk. The non-perk version of the minimap will instead show a cone reflecting a player’s field of view, which will be blocked by solid objects so that the minimap can’t be used to see through walls. An additional HUD indicator is also being added to give players a warning when they are visible by enemies.

The biggest change comes to the new body armour mechanic. Black Ops 4 plays out more like a hero shooter and body armour within the game greatly increased the time it takes to kill enemies. The balancing for this mechanic “wasn’t quite dialed in” for the beta, according to the studio’s post on Reddit. With that in mind, some changes are being made.

In the final game, explosives will chip away at armour. This was always the intention, but it wasn’t working in the beta. Armour will now only reduce damage taken, rather than deflect damage entirely. Finally, players will get extra score for successfully taking down an enemy with armour equipped.

There are more changes being made to the beta, which are explained over on r/Blackops4. The next beta phase for the game will focus entirely on Blackout.

KitGuru Says: It sounds like Black Ops 4 is inching closer to being a ‘hero shooter’ rather than a traditional Call of Duty game. Did any of you play the multiplayer beta? What are your thoughts on it?

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