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Vampyr is currently free on the Epic Games Store

Dontnod Entertainment is primarily known for creating the Life is Strange series, but the studio has also worked on some other interesting projects in recent years. One of those is Vampyr, a smaller RPG-lite game focused on, you guessed it, vampires. 

Recently, Epic Games has been giving away a free game on its store each day to celebrate Christmas. Today, you'll have the chance to claim Vampyr for free until 4PM GMT tomorrow, the 24th of December.

Vampyr is set in London, following Dr. Jonathan Reid on a mission to find a cure to an illness befalling the city's citizens. Sure enough, he ends up turning into a vampire, cursed to feed on those he wants to heal. Players can choose different abilities and power them up along the way, all while fighting off other vampires, undead and supernatural creatures.

It's not a game with Triple A RPG quality and polish, but it is pretty solid and has been patched up well since its release in 2018.

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