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Wild Hearts players hit with performance issues at launch

Wild Hearts, the new Monster Hunter competitor developed by Omega Force and published by EA, just launched to decent reviews, garnering high praise for its game mechanics and fresh take on the genre. However, the game has also been hampered by performance issues, something that Omega Force is hoping to swiftly address. 

By most accounts, Wild Hearts is a good game at its core, but is held back by technical issues. On the PC front, there is a CPU bottleneck issue causing poor performance, and on consoles, players are unhappy with the graphics and stability issues.

In a post on the game's official subreddit, a Wildheart developer posted that Omega Force is “working continuously to improve performance and optimise the game for a wide variety of hardware specs across future updates”. One of those updates will be coming to PC next week, specifically to address CPU bottlenecking, which in turn should help improve performance across a range of PCs.

The game will also be getting DLSS and FSR support in the future. The developer confirmed in the comments that console patches are also in the works but due to console validation processes, it is a slower process to release updates compared to PC.

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KitGuru Says: I'm looking forward to trying Wild Hearts at some point in the future, but it seems that the game is best avoided until some patches come through. Unfortunately, this misstep could cost the game quite dearly, as fewer people will be willing to buy at the new $70 price tag. 

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