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You can now play Dr. Disrespect’s upcoming shooter game without buying an NFT

It has been well over a year since streamer Dr. Disrepespect announced his studio, Midnight Society, as well as the game they are working on, Deadrop. Initial access to the game was bought through the sale of a limited run of NFTs. Now, Midnight Society is taking a step back from the NFT side of things and is selling simple game keys. 

You can now purchase pre-alpha access to Deadrop without the need for an NFT. The new ‘Tower Key' is available for $25, granting buyers pre-alpha access to the game and future updates. Given that the game is still in early development, there's still a lot of content missing from the game and a lot of polish still to come.

The Tower Key will grant you access to future builds of the game as the developers work their way up to an eventual release. It also gets you the ‘season 0' battle pass, special ‘gameplay events', as well as access to unique cosmetic rewards that may not return once the full game goes live.

The game is being built with Unreal Engine 5 and due to its early access nature, there is still a lot of work to be done on the optimisation side, so if you are going to jump in early, be prepared for an experience that is rough around the edges.

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KitGuru Says: While you no longer need to buy an NFT to play Deadrop, Dr. Disrespect has tweeted recently about plans to introduce in-game items that have high cryptocurrency value and how that could impact the entertainment value of the game while playing or watching it via streams. With that in mind, there will still be ties to blockchain and crypto elements with Deadrop moving forward. 

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