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Little Nightmares series has sold over 12 million copies

Tarsier Studios have historically been a rather small studio, focused primarily on assisting other studios with their games – having worked on DLC for the likes of Little Big Planet among others. Their breakout game came in the form of 2017’s Little Nightmares. The indie horror – and its sequel – seem to have done very well for the studio, as the two titles have in total sold over 12 million copies.

Making the announcement on their blog, Little Nightmares publisher Bandai Namco revealed the impressive figure, saying “Bandai Namco Europe announced today, on the sixth anniversary of Little Nightmares’ release, that its homegrown franchise has reached more than 12 million units sold.”

Speaking on this success, Bandai Namco Europe’s CEO Arnaud Muller said “The Little Nightmares franchise has seen some great growth and success since the first  episode, which was released 6 years ago today. We are proud of the work accomplished by the teams at Bandai Namco Europe along with Tarsier Studios, Engine Software and Supermassive Games to make great games while at the same time expanding the franchise to more media.”

Lucas Roussel, Publishing Director and Little Nightmares Executive Producer at Bandai Namco Europe added to this: “Looking [at] the community growing over the years has been a blessing. When we started Little Nightmares, we thought that we really had something special, but we are still amazed every day by our fans’ commitment to the franchise. We can’t thank them enough for their dedication and we are continuing to work on what’s next for the franchise.”

12 million copies sold is huge, especially for an indie series which has only seen two entries (and a mobile spin-off). It will be interesting to see how the team’s next game performs.

KitGuru says: What do you think of the Little Nightmare series? Which of the two main games do you prefer? What would you like to see from a potential 3rd entry? Let us know down below.

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