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Microsoft get Google in their sights with Bing revamp

Microsoft have Google's search engine in their sights as they prepare to change BING to offer new search terms, including Facebook and Twitter information.

Microsoft are betting that people will like the new search options and they are planning to continue expanding their connections with social networking. If you are logged into your Facebook page for instance when searching via Bing you will often get related search information from contacts on Facebook. This could be shared interests, hotels they might have stayed in before, and other related terms.

Qi Lu, the president of Microsoft's online services division said “This is a fundamentally different way to look at search.” Marking the changes, which are the biggest in their history over the last three years.

Bing has been failing badly against Google, generating a loss every year for Microsoft. The online services division lost $2.6 billion in the last fiscal year. Both Microsoft and Facebook are trying to compete against Google, so it made sense for the companies to try and connect their services together.

Kitguru says: Enough to cause problems for Google?

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