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Noblechairs launch complimenting footrests with an adjustable cushion

Expanding on its quality seating solutions, Noblechairs has launched a footrest accessory to complement its range of racing chairs. The Noblechairs footrest range comes in at a price that reflects its premium quality, along with a handful of features that places user comfort at the forefront.

Each footrest comes with the ability to adjust by up to 57-degrees to match the reclining angle of its companion chair. The cushion can rotate a full 360-degrees on its cross-legged stand, built to provide a stable base. Hard floors and carpets should also be protected by the rubber ‘absorbers’, helping to avoid scuffing and maintain the stand’s integrity.

The cushion itself is made with breathable cold foam, covered in Noblechair’s black PU leather for optimal ventilation. It comes in a variety of styles that differentiate in its stitching, from its staple Black variant to Black/Red, Black/Gold, Black/Blue and Black/White combinations.

The variety of styles are currently available from OverclockerUK at £109.99 each. Noblechairs also offers a real leather variant of its all-black version for £159.95.

KitGuru Says: While the price might seem a little on the higher sides of things, the features and uniformity alongside Noblechair’s counterpart seats definitely make it worth considering. I can attest to the comfort of Noblechairs’ products ever since trying some out at a nearby event, with plans to grab one in the near future. Does this help complete your ultimate gaming setup?  

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