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Apple Birds Space – will eat up all your time!

My new iPad 3 turned up a few days ago and since then I have been addicted to the new Angry Birds Space game. If you have grown sick of the Angry Birds concept over the last year, then the new title brings a new dimension to the standard gravity/physics mechanic.

This time you have to launch your birds at the pesky pigs while dealing with new planet based orbit/gravity and more complex projectile rules. It still maintains the same simple game theme, but they have added just enough to make it appealing to jaded fans of the franchise.

I bought the game at the weekend and haven’t been able to put the iPad down. It is fiendishly addictive, and it looks great on the new retina screen.

Angry Birds Space has hit the iOS, Android and Macintosh platforms and only costs a few quid (less on the iPhone). We would guess it will sell many millions of copies throughout 2012.

Kitguru says: Be sure to lose several months of your life with this one.

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