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Pakbugs hack site shut down

Pakistani authorities have closed down the Pakbugs hacking and carding forum. This site was apparently linked to a series of hack attacks and website defacements across the globe over the last year.

The Pakspider blog reports that Pakbugs has been blamed for destroying thousands of websites belonging to various government organisations all over the world. In a recent operation police seized computer equipment during arrests of five suspects however there are several suspects who have not yet been caught.

The Pakistani government issued a press release which details that the suspects are thought to have expertise in a wide range of cybercrime capabilities, such as carding, phishing and botnet management.

Highly regarded security firm F-Secure have stated that Pakbugs.com was a full cybercrime forum which not only allowed the discussion of illegal activities and techniques on how to hack sites, but they offered a means for members to trade and sell bank details and stolen credit card numbers.

F-Secure have posted some interesting information over here.

KitGuru says: One less to worry about, but as always once one of these vanishes, two more will appear elsewhere

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