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Windows 7 dominating market, Apple push Intel over 72%

Junes Steam Hardware Survey was released recently and it is a great tool to ascertain various adoption changes of the mass enthusiast market. Remember this tool has access to over 27 million gamers worldwide.

Windows 7 is currently taking around 39% of the steam user base, surpassing Windows XP at around 33%. Mac OS is climbing and currently sits just under 7% which is a strong showing for the Mac user base, especially in such a short time.

Interestingly, thanks to the strong adoption rate of Macintosh users, the Intel market share has risen to just over 72% which would relate to around 2.5 million Apple users joining the Steam user base.

AMD are doing well with a 33% share, with the HD 4800 family alone claiming over 7% of the market share. nVidia have dropped considerably by around 6% since the start of the year.

Kitguru is pleased to see that screen resolutions are finally rising, and although 1280×1024 is still the highest at around 17%, 1920×1080 is finally just over 11% and 1680×1050 is just under 17%.

KitGuru says: We always find these interesting, please discuss the findings with us in our forums.

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