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ReTrak launches neat and colourful cables

In life, things are rarely the right length. KitGuru can think of many occasions when ‘Just one more inch' would have been plenty, but we left unsatisfied. CurlyWurly is a case in hand. Other times, you wish that things had come to an end sooner. Here we're thinking about PSU cable lengths in an HTPC build. ReTrak gets around these issues by being flexible and extendible. KitGuru crawls round the back of the TV to check how the dust bunnies are doing.

Visiting the ReTrak web site, you'll find scant few details about the company itself, but we're told that they are quite big, quite popular and – apparently – have been around for quite some time. Quite.

Its main area of specialisation is ‘cables that extend or retract, to be exactly the right length when you need them', which is a good thing, right?

Today, they are adding colour to the line-up. Specifically, offering customers the choice between Pink, Green, Purple, Blue or Orange when it comes to a range of cables. You can have any cable in any colour, we're just played with the HTML to give you an idea of what ReTrak is on about:-

  • Headphone
  • Micro USB
  • Apple connections
  • Splitters
  • General Audio

A chap called Scott Ledbetter runs the operation and this is what he had to say about his rainbow-inspired offering, “Our range of retractable cables has been very well received in the UK, so it was natural for us to extend that range to include offers for more fashion and colour conscious consumers. ReTrak's aim is to bring high quality great value products to all consumers that need accessories that match their hectic and mobile lifestyles without having to compromise on their choice and taste”.

So, if you have a hectic pink lifestyle or find yourself both purple and mobile, then you might want to scan ReTrak's site for some options. At the time of writing, KitGuru's story was so fresh that the site does not appear to have been updated with the Technicolor options, but we believe it might be when you read this.

Feeling fruity? Socket need filling? Then Scott Ledbetter has something extendible he wants to share with you

KitGuru says: More than anything, having colour coded cables would stop plenty of arguments in households where one person (and YES, we know who that one person is) keeps losing their cable and nicking someone else's. ReTrak is worth checking out if you're a colour-luvver.

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