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Google is bringing Android compatibility to a ton of Chromebooks this year

Back in 2016, Google finally began implementing Android app compatibility into Chrome OS and while the list of supported devices was initially quite small, it has grown a ton so far in 2017. Back in January, we learned that Google wanted all Chromebooks released this year to feature Android app compatibility and now, around 90 Chrome OS devices have support, or planned support.

So far, different devices are in various stages of compatibility, the bulk of the list is made up of devices with ‘planned compatibility’, so they are not yet updated to support Android apps. However, others are in the ‘stable’ channel like Samsung’s Chromebook Plus. There is also a ‘beta channel’, including the likes of the Chromebook Flip from ASUS.

While previously Google had aimed to get Android app compatibility to all Chromebooks released this year and beyond, since then the company has come to the realisation that it “won’t be able to bring Android apps to every Chromebook ever made”, so there will still be gaps in compatibility.

If you are planning on getting a Chromebook and want to check whether or not it will support Android apps, then you can find the full list, HERE. The current models marked down with ‘planned support’ do not have rollout dates, so it could take a while for Android app support to get to all of them.

KitGuru Says: Android app compatibility on Chrome OS has been a requested feature for a long time now, so it is good to see support planned for so many Chromebooks this year already. Do any of you have much experience with Chrome OS? Do you think it would be more useful with Android app support?

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