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2013 breaks iOS 6 Do Not Disturb mode

New Years, the night where many of us drink ourselves into a start where we really do not wish to be woken too early the following morning by various notification spam. Fortunately (or perhaps not) a bug has arose in iOS 6 where the recently introduced Do Not Disturb mode has failed to work properly since the turn of the year.

The Do Not Disturb mode was introduced in iOS 6 last year and allows users to set a time period where the user is not alerted of incoming calls, messages and notifications.

Since the countdown finished, once the Do Not Disturb mode had been activated it continues to mute most sounds. The only apparent fix for now is to turn it off entirely until Apple issues an update. Just for the record, my Samsung Galaxy S III’s similar blocking mode has encountered no such problems.

KitGuru says: It’s been a while since the last date-related iOS bug but even then this isn’t good holiday press for Apple.

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