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Android Jelly Bean to be unveiled on the 25th of October?

Google released their official Android application for the I/O 2012 developers conference today, and we'll be honest, for the most part it is fairly useless unless you will be in San Fransico a week from now. What is more interesting is the images that Google has bundled in with the app's description.

Looking at the above screenshots, we never knew that 25:10 could be a moment of a day – but everyone knows it could be another cryptic Easter egg from the folks at Google. We're going to assume that they have gone against the American way of doing things and 25:10 stands for the 25th of October. Chances are that this could be the date that Android Jelly Bean in unveiled to the masses. Not much is known about Jelly Bean right now but previous reports have hinted at a better tablet experience and live dual-booting.

If we were to really critique the screenshots, the agenda screenshot has a slightly different shade of blue in the notification area and the Google search bar in the right image is now transparent and has a slightly different voice button. The new voice button could mean that Google's long-awaited voice assistant Majel will be in on the action in Android Jelly Bean.

KitGuru says: A possible Jelly Bean unveiling date? Yes. But what else could Google's cryptic message mean? Let us in the comments below.

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