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Asus teases the Padfone: smartphone-tablet hybrid

We have known about the Asus Padfone for quite a while now; it has been sighted as early as May last year but it seems as if we are fast approaching an official announcement at Mobile World Congress next week.

Asus has uploaded the below teaser video which tells us that “1 + 1 + 1 = Endless Possibilities.” These three “1”s are believed to be representative of a Android smartphone, a tablet housing and a keyboard dock.

The Asus Padfone is a 4.3 inch Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone which will be able to be docked into the tablet housing. This tablet will likely have a high-quality, 10.1 inch display and also have a battery inside to power the display and charge the phone if necessary. This duo of devices will then be able to connect with Asus’ new keyboard dock that it launched with the TF201 Transformer Prime which will offer further battery life and more connectivity options.

Asus' upcoming phone/tablet hybird known as the Padfone.

Further technical specifications are not currently known but will be known by next Monday when it will be officially announced. However a Tegra chipset from Nvidia is likely to be driving the first smartphone-tablet hybrid.

Kitguru says: If Asus can integrate the phone and tablet aspects well this will be a brilliant device.

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