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Google announces Android event for October 29

Google has today sent out press invites to an Android event scheduled for October 29 in New York.

No clues were given as to what the event will include but we can take some pretty good guesses. Firstly we have the possible LG Nexus 4, a device that has been very prone to leaks over the last few weeks. A new Nexus 7 model with 32 GB of storage is also expected to be unveiled. There has also been rumours of a 10 inch Nexus tablet for a while but if an announcement is to be made this it has been hidden very well from the media.

As for Android software, we cannot say for certain that Android 4.2 will be announced. In fact we find it somewhat unlikely but leaks have been mounting this week so it really wouldn't surprise us. Regardless, we expect an update on how Android in general is performing and how Android 4.1 Jelly Bean updates are progressing.

The event will be livestreamed on YouTube from 3 PM UK time on October 29.

KitGuru says: Apple, Microsoft and Google events in just six days. Be prepared for a barrage of product releases in a couple of weeks.

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