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Google: “We are not working on a Chrome OS tablet”

In a recent interview with TechRadar, Linus Upson admits that Google is not working on a Chrome OS tablet. Google's vice president of engineering, with a focus on browser products said plainly that “we are not working on a Chrome OS tablet.” This comes the day after Google revealed Chrome OS 19 which brought with it a completely overhauled user interface, as well as a couple of new products.

There will be no Chrome OS tablet in the future as smartphones and tablets have different usage scenarios compared to laptops and desktops. They plan to keep these use cases clearly defined; Android for the first two device categories and Chrome OS for the latter.

Chrome OS 19 brings with it a revamped user interface, almost reminding us of Android tablets

Upson goes onto hint that Chrome OS and Android will over time become more interlinked and confirms that the teams are slowly starting to work closer together. As a result of this, Chrome OS now has a very strong Android 4.0 feel to it, while Android 4.0 has Chrome as an optional browser which brings across functionality from Chrome OS.

“The use cases in technology stacks on phone and tablet are very different to desktop and laptop, as are the user expectations, and the types of things you do are also very different. That's why everyone has two different solutions for these problems. Apple has Mac OS and iOS, Microsoft has two – they just happen to call them both Windows – and at Google we do the same. But I think everyone does expect you will see more and more convergence and bringing together of [the two projects] so you can get the best of both.”

KitGuru says: Microsoft is doing this now with Windows 8, and Apple did it before them. It is then understandable to see why Google themselves are doing it.

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