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HTC clarifies what devices will be updated to Android 4.1

HTC has recently updated its Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update FAQ page with both good and bad news. The good news is that in addition to the HTC One X and One S, HTC “are actively reviewing [their] product portfolio to identify candidates to receive Jelly Bean.”

They go on to sale that devices launched in 2012 will be prioritised and only then will decisions be made about updating older devices to Jelly Bean. This brings us to the bad news, not all devices launched this year will be updated and as you might expect the lower-end devices are victims.

“We work hard to ensure each of our products has the optimal user experience and therefore some products will remain at their current version of Android. In general, devices with 512MB RAM or less will not be upgraded to Android 4.1. At present, these devices include the HTC One V and the HTC Desire C. As we identify other devices that will not be upgraded, we'll provide updated information.”

KitGuru says: If you have a slightly older, yet flagship HTC Android device it could be a while before it's updated to Jelly Bean.

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