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If the Android 4.2 rumours are false, what do we have?

Just yesterday we reported on some rumours surrounding an upcoming version of Android, however these rumours have been revealed to be false. The original source did not verify its sources and it turns out they were nothing more than made up. Rumours will forever be rumours and we'd like to apologise for getting anyone's hopes up about Project Roadrunner or a Customisation Centre.

So if we won't see Android 4.2 later this month, what will we see? A couple of weeks ago there was rumours of a 5-inch Nexus device from Taiwanese manufacturer HTC. This story also included some hints about Android 4.1.2,  a small incremental release over the current Android 4.1.1. Rumours, and I stress rumours, suggest this version would include Project Butter improvements, added lockscreen functionality and other enhancements.

KitGuru says: It seems a bit early for another major Android release so this minor upgrade seems much more likely in our eyes.

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