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Official Samsung Galaxy S III accessories unveiled

Reporting on a phone's official accessories is not some we would typically do, but Samsung has offered up some interesting accessories for the Galaxy S III flagship that was revealed a couple of weeks ago. While the highly anticipated wireless charging accessory has apparently been delayed to September, there are many accessories that should be available around the European launch later this month or in early June.

Starting off with the C Pen, which is essentially a fatter version of the capacitive stylus found in Samsung's own Galaxy Note. It should be much better to use as well, taking on the look of a Parker pen more than anything, plus the ink will never run out.

Next up is the flip cover and while at first it may seem rather pointless, it actually replaces the Galaxy S III's back cover entirely. Meaning it doesn't add any major bulk to the 8.6mm thickness while protecting the 4.8 inch Super AMOLED display.

The stand pictured above fixates the phone in an upright position but doesn't actually do much more than that. To add some value to it though, the stand opens up to restore a battery's charge. If it had a proper dock it would be high up on my shopping list; and this is something Apple has actually come to realise.

Finally, there is the Wi-Fi Display Hub which on the surface seems to act much like HTC's Media Link HD. It basically projects content from your phone to the monitor without the need for a 5m long HDMI or MHL cable.

KitGuru says: It's good to see Samsung getting behind the Galaxy S III with some decent accessories, let's just hope they aren't massively overpriced.

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