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Qualcomm working on a radio chipset to solve LTE fragmentation

Judging by a recent FCC filing from Qualcomm, they are working on a radio chipset that would support seven spectrum bands. This radio chipset is to be combined with a Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 chipset. This would effectively solve the LTE fragmentation problem that some consumers are slowly discovering – even now when LTE networks are few and far between.

Qualcomm's new radio chipset will solve LTE fragmentation in one foul swoop

This WTR1605L radio chipset will support three bands under 1GHz, three higher ones and one “very high band (such as 2.5GHz). Qualcomm has accelerated the development of this new radio chipset to coincide with the roll out of its other 28nm chipsets and regardless of existing chip shortages, Qualcomm hopes to ship chipsets by the end of July with the first devices being available in stores by the end of the year.

“Because of the difficult interference challenges described herein, the fact that existing technology does not offer a solution to these challenges, and Qualcomm’s ongoing innovation and collaboration with all carriers and manufacturers, the commission should not require mobile equipment to be capable of operating over all paired commercial spectrum blocks in the Lower 700 MHz band.”

This essentially means that thanks to Qualcomm's radio chipsets most phone owners will be able to switch between LTE networks without having to buy a new phone every time.

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