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Samsung Galaxy S III to have a Super AMOLED Plus HD display?

The latest rumours out of Korea about the upcoming Galaxy S III flagship Android smartphone are pinning it to have the best display in a Samsung phone to date. Reports are stating that Samsung Mobile Display has started production on a 4.65 inch Super AMOLED Plus HD display with a resolution of 1280 x 720.

Will the Samsung Galaxy S III look like this? Part of me hopes not.

Samsung’s attempts so far at smaller HD displays have been of the pentile matrix variety, such as those found in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Note. The “Plus” moniker means the display will be of the more traditional arrangement of red-green-blue sub-pixels (RGB).

Although it still yet to be seen how it stacks up to the Super LCD 2 display found on the HTC One X. The display has already been called the best ever seen on a smartphone by such places as The Verge and Android Central.

The Galaxy S III could be closer then we might expect, Samsung has told AsiaE that it has started the testing process with Korean carriers, a process that is often measured in months and not weeks. So we are likely still on a track for a release in the midst of a northern winter.

Kitguru says: So we get amazing screens in our smartphones; but how about scaling some of this technology up to the big time?

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