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Samsung having problems producing next-gen mobile displays

It's only been a few days since we first heard about Samsung's 5 inch, 1080p mobile display that will likely find itself embedded in the Galaxy S IV and new reports suggest Samsung are having production problems.

The display is set to have a crazy pixel density of 441 PPI. This is 100 more pixels per inch than current flagships such as the Apple iPhone 5 or Nokia Lumia 920. According to sources in Korea Samsung has had issues with mass production of the displays due to the evaporation process that it uses. They are currently trying to get more advanced technology from 3M that will allow the OLED material is be printed more smoothly onto the glass.

The same source also says that due to these production issues, the device that will incorporate the display may have to be delayed. This device is more than likely to be the Galaxy S IV.

KitGuru says: Hopefully Samsung sorts out these production problems soon as we are already seeing many smartphones with 1080p displays starting to arrive onto the market.

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