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Samsung to invest more resources into bada OS

I am sure many of you will never have heard of bada and for those who have no idea what it is, it is Samsung's home brewed mobile operating system. The reason why you have never heard of it is likely due to its little share in the smartphone market place. Right now it is scrapping it out with Windows Phone 7 to be the fourth largest mobile operating system after Android, iOS and Blackberry.

One of the few smartphones available that run Samsung's bada OS

Samsung wants to see it as more than just a worst case scenario backup if everyone loses faith in Google's Android overnight – which is highly unlikely I might add. Samsung's Juha Park, senior vice president of product strategy wishes “to have a full range of portfolio for Bada, from high-end to mass-volume segments.” Samsung will likely unveil its bada lineup for 2012 as a press event later this month.

Park also told Bloomberg that Samsung believes that bada “is a good platform to build on,” and by doing this they will invest “significantly” in it to expand its potential and hopefully market share.

Android will remain Samsung's dominant operating system and as such will “unveil a successor to the Galaxy S II in the second quarter,” which could either be the Galaxy S III or a rumoured Galaxy S II Plus smartphone.

Kitguru says: Samsung's multiple operating system strategy results in less overall risk but could also result in some operating systems and their devices not getting the full love they may deserve.

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