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Upcoming Gmail Android update will finally bring pinch-to-zoom

I have used many mobile platforms in the past and yet one of my main complaints about the largest of them all, Android, is that the default Gmail application does not support pinch-to-zoom. This always resulted in reading emails at exaggerated zoom levels on large, 720p resolution displays.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00xUH86sJV0′]

Fortunately, pinch to zoom, swipe to delete and other features are coming in a future version of Gmail.

No one has an idea of when the update will officially roll out to users in the Play Store, you can install it yourself following these instructions. Note that it will only work on Android 4.0 or newer and your device must be rooted.

KitGuru says: At long last Android Gmail users will be able to pinch zoom, soon.

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