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HP release new Palm Pre2 and webOS 2.0

Hewlett Packward has been talking about the benefits of webOS 2.0, saying that it would offer improved multitasking by ‘stacking’ similar applications into logical groups for easier, faster switching. It will also support Adobe Flash ensuring that pages with embedded flash content can be viewed by their customers.

The new Palm Pre2 handset has an impressive specifications list, with a five megapixel camera and 1ghz processor. The unit is built around a 3.1 inch touchscreen with a slide out keyboard. 16GB of memory is included with a maximum six hours of battery life. HP have yet to give pricing information or availability details of webOS 2.0 or the Palm Pre 2.0.

Palm were bought over by HP a few months ago for a tasty $1.2 billion sum. Jon Rubenstein, senior vice president at HP and general manager of Palm’s global business unit said “This update advances the innovations we introduced 16 months ago, expanding the features that make webOS great for consumers, enterprises and developers. We’ve made tremendous strides since the platform launched, and now we’re taking our biggest leap forward with powerful new features that make it easier to get more things done with your webOS device.”

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