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iPad 3 to have Retina display, but when will it be released?

No one can escape the Apple iPad, last year it sold more than all the other tablets put together. It has been one of Apples biggest success stories in recent years. The next version of the iPad is due to go on sale sometime in April, near the 1st anniversary of the first iPad launch.

Last month there were rumours that the iPad 2 would have a 2048×1536 pixel resolution ‘Retina’ panel, but latest leaks confirm that the panel is in fact an Lg Phillips 9.7in XGA 1024×768 H-IPS display. Speaking with some insiders in Taipei this week, KitGuru heard that the iPad 3 could launch at the very start of 2012. While this sounds like a rather implausible time frame, we have read reports by John Gruber, one of the industries best sourced Apple writers that this is possible.

Gruber says: “If my theory is right, they’re not only going to be months behind the iPad 2, but if they slip until late summer, they might bump up against the release of the iPad 3.”

Gruber actually believes that Apple could eventually move the iPad to an end of year release schedule, and not spring. As we all know, Apple fans are the first adopters, even if they own the previous model. We can expect many auctions to be appearing on ebay shortly as customers flog their current models, with the intention to upgrade.

Many people are feeling a little disappointed to hear that the iPad 2 will not have the 2048×1536 resolution Retina display, but it looks as if the version after this will indeed have the super high resolution display. Obviously none of this is confirmed on any level by Apple, but by then other manufacturers will be releasing higher resolution tablets, so it makes sense for Apple to leapfrog ahead of the competition, yet again for their third generation tablet release.

KitGuru says: We do know that the iPad2 has camera technology with front mounted camera for video conferencing and social networking.

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  • Tech Head

    And the Apple iPad machine keeps roaring on……..

  • Rocky1234

    Really..they are already gossiping about the ipad 3 wow just wow. By the way why would you need 2048×1536 on such a small device makes no sense at all to have that 1080p yes but not 2048×1536. It’s funny people were actually sad that the ipad 2 did not have 2048×1536 res. They should be happy it didn’t have that everything would have been so small you would not have been able to read it. Even with the ipad 2 release I would not venture to buy one there are so many other pads coming out that offer so much more in the terms of being useful & with flash support Apple may not like flash but it is pretty much on most websites so until Apple learns that & lets people view the web properly all their ipad will ever be is a over grown toy that is suited to connecting the the app store & letting people spend hard earned cash to bring up Apples profits.