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iPad2 price in UK is strong, but US is still best

Well, for once it appears that ‘ripoff Britain' is getting a good deal on the iPad2. KitGuru reported that UK pricing would be £399, and it appears that we were right.

The 16GB Wi-Fi model costs £399, which is cheaper than the previous model, which cost £25 more. People in Europe will have to pay €479, which works out at £422 in the UK. The £23 saving may seem good, but as always our friends in American only pay $545, or £338. Importing one from America is a little pointless as the cost of shipping and potential customs charges outweigh any benefits.

How do Apple do it? queues for the iPad 2

France seem to be getting hit the hardest, and they are paying €489. Merci. Sweden are also getting a stiff deal, as prices show up at 4,395 Swedish Kroner, which translates to around £436.

Queues already formed in the UK, with one chap waiting 33 hours at the Regent Street flagship store. Lets hope he is pleased with his purchase today!

Japan customers will have to wait a while longer as Apple are postponing the sale, until the economy has had a chance to recover after the recent disaster.

KitGuru says: Is the iPad 2 worth the money? You tell us.

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