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Vodafone selling iPad Air in the UK

Vodafone has just announced that it's now offering the iPad Air with Wi-Fi and cellular support in the UK, right alongside the newly announced iPad mini with retina display and Wi-Fi. Expected to land by the end of November, these two new Apple tablets will come as part of a range of different data packages, including 4G connectivity and big data download limits.

The iPad Air is already up on the official site, with the cheapest package setting you back £29 for the device itself and a further £32 a month. For that, you'll net yourself the 16GB version of the Air, with 2GB of UK data per month and access to the 3G network.

Up things to the 64GB version and you're going to have to put down a few more pennies and dish out some more each month. For the most expensive, 4G-ready, 10GB a month plan, you'll have to drop £159 on the tablet and a further £42 a month over the 2 year period.


Comparatively the iPad mini only comes in one storage size option, though you can still choose between a space grey and silver bezel. The cheapest package there is £28 a month, giving you 1GB of data and 3G access, but you'll need to shell out £129 for the device itself. At the top end, it's more like the iPad Air though, with a 10GB a month, 4G-ready package costing you £42 per month and £29 up front.

All contracts are for 24 months.

Both tablets were debuted to much fanfare just over a week ago and feature the new A7 64bit CPU, and come in lighter and thinner than their predecessors.

For a full price/package breakdown, check out the Vodafone sales page.

KitGuru Says: I've still yet to buy a tablet, as I know my Mrs would just use it for Facebook and Youtube. She can already use her phone for that. What about you guys though? Do you have a role for a tablet that your phone can't do a comparable job at?

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