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100,000 Apps have been made for iPad

The iPad has been a huge success for Apple, and the latest milestone achieved has just been released – over 100,000 applications have been specifically made for it.

The iPad hit retail with Apple's promise of supporting ‘almost all' of the 150,000 applications available at the time on the store. When the developers received the kit, specific applications, utilizing the higher resolution screen were released.

Figures released show that this time last year, there were only 11,500 iPad native applications available, but in March this year this was said to have increased to 65,000. A few weeks ago at WWDC, the company said that the native applications had broken the 90,000 mark.

While a total figure for application creation is certainly no indication of quality, both Apple and Google use the numbers to highlight how popular the platforms are with the punters. Google's Honeycomb native application platform is significantly behind the Apple figures with optimised applications said to not even have broken the 1,000 mark to date.

Kitguru says: how long to 500,000? another year maybe?

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