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Apple confirms 2nd March for iPad 2 introduction

Today Apple sent out official invitations to a media event being held on March 2nd in San Francisco, which we would assume is to showcase their upcoming iPad 2. KitGuru will be there with pen and paper.

Apple sent out invitations to the media today and the event will be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Apple included an iOS calendar icon with the date March 2 on the front. The calender also hints at the iPad with a teaser top right.

Foxconn are apparently set to build between 4.5 and 5 million iPad 2’s in the first quarter of 2011. Then another 4 million in April. The new iPad 2 won’t have a higher pixel density screen, but Apple are said to have worked with their partners on new anti reflection capabilities. Faster CPU, more memory and improved graphics processing also make the release.

Can anyone market their products better than Apple? We think not ….

KitGuru says: Apple are aiming to have 60 percent of the first wave of iPad 2 shipments 3G capable.

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  • Apple get on my tits

    KitGuru and Apple news ! ok I know everyone is excited, but why? its only ANOTHER tablet. who cares. overpriced POS.


    If the marketing didn’t get to you then it wasn’t aimed at you. The hilarious part is that Apple doesn’t care if you care, They know what they have.