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iPad 2 2x faster CPU and 9x faster graphics

With all the misleading news circulating about the iPad2, we thought it would be good to get all the update specifications out to our readers.

The new iPad2 gets a signicant processing upgrade with the new dual core A5 Soc which Apple are claiming delivers twice the performance of the current model. Graphics power is also increased, with rendering speeds up to nine times as fast as the original unit. Gamers are already salivating at the potential of the new Apple tablet and developers have stated that this is going to be a gaming tour de force once a new raft of games hits the Apple store.

It will be very hard to get an iPad2 at launch. Be prepared to pay extra on ebay.

The unit itself is the same size, but is 33 percent slimmer and it still manages to find space for two cameras. It can also now output HDMI video with an optional $30 dongle.

The operating system has also seen several new updates, with support for Face Time functions, and Photo booth. It will be available starting at $499, in the very near future.

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