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iPad 3 users complain about overheating

The iPad3 is coming under fire (pun intended) from a certain audience who are claiming that it is overheating. The Mac forums have been seeing an increase in complaints from users that there is an unusual level of heat emitting from the lower left side of the iPad when it is held in portrait mode. Other people are even claiming that the machine is reporting error message related to the increase in temperature.

Tweakers.net have been running some benchmarks on the iPad 2 and iPad 3 and they have reported that the new version runs 10°F warmer, peaking at 92.48°F.

Apple have been quick to interject, claiming that the temperatures are fine, and well within the thermal scope. One of the reasons for the increase in temperature could be the new retina display and improved A5X chip which has increased in size. The bigger battery might also add to the internal ambient rise in temperature.

Apple’s Trudy Muller released the following: “I have been using the new iPad for almost two weeks — a week before it was released to the public — and I’ve seen no heat issues. I use my iPad every day over LTE and Wi-Fi, holding it my hand and on my lap and the device doesn’t get hot.”

Users have already been offering their tips to help solve the issue. One user said on the forums “I highly suggest that once you unbox the iPad. Do not charge it; use all the battery until it reaches 0%, completely dead. Freshly charge the iPad and that should do the trick. Yesterday my iPad was massively over heated, I decided to use up all the battery (I suggest doing some hardcore gaming, takes very long to use up the battery) and recharged. Now today I am using the same applications as yesterday and so far, no sign of excessive heating issue. Just lil bit warm which is normal. I have also noticed the battery charges just a bit quicker.”

Kitguru says: Have you a new iPad 3, noticing any problems?

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