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7 inch iPad rumoured to launch in Q1 2011 with 128GB storage

Latest reports from Taipei suggest that Apple may very well launch the 7 inch iPad in Q1 2011. Elizabeth Woyke also reported similar findings for Forbes.

“In an Oct. 6 research note, Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian White reports that Apple is developing a smaller version of its uber-popular iPad and suggests that sales numbers of the original iPad could reach 45 million in 2011” she said.

Further details verify that the new iPad will have the new high resolution Retina display that ships with the iPhone 4 and it will also have a USB port, either micro or mini. A camera will also be incorporated into the design and storage capacity will also be boosted up to 128GB.

45 million iPads to sell in 2011? Analysts think so.

The 9.7 inch iPad has been a huge seller for Apple but research has shown that a percentage of people questioned would prefer a smaller unit for portability. Rumours also persist that the 9.7 inch V2 will be released shortly afterward featuring a better quality screen, USB connectivity and cameras.

Leaked information also points to the fact that Apple could very well sell 45 million iPads in 2011, a very tall order considering the price point. 7 million more iPads are set to be sold before the end of 2010.

KitGuru says: Can anyone challenge Apple tablet domination in 2011? It won’t be easy.

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