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Chinese leave paper iPad’s on graves to mourn their dead

One of the more bizarre stories today reported by the China Xinhua news agency shows how important Apple devices are now in the minds of the Chinese culture.

The official state media group say that Chinese people are leaving paper replicas of Apple iPads and iPhones as ‘offerings at the graves of deceased ancestors and friends’. This coincides with the April 4th start of the Qingming Festival, or Tomb Sweeping Day. This long standing tradition mourns the death of loved people.

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It is commonplace under Chinese culture to burn offerings such as food or gifts at a time like this, with the belief that the deceased can enjoy the offerings in the afterlife. The Chinese people dont always burn the genuine object however, as in the case of the iPad. Some Chinese people are now using paper replicas of houses, cars and even planes. This year, many are using paper replicas of the iPad.

You can buy a paper replica of the iPad for only $3, so it makes a lot more sense than burning the real thing, which can cost almost $500.

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