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iPad 3 likely to cost more than iPad 2

According to various sources it would appear that the upcoming Apple iPad 3 will cost more than the current iPad 2. A pricing sheet appeared on Chinese blog site Sina Weibo.

Analysing the prices it would seem that Apple may have to charge $80 more for the same wi-fi models and $70 more for the same 3G models. We contacted some sources in Taipei a few hours ago and several insiders said that the iPad 3 will cost more to make, which would be likely to translate into higher retail pricing.

As would be expected, stores are already discounting the prices of the iPad 2. Best Buy have cost all models by $50 in the attempt to clear stock before the new tablet is released.

iPad 2: prices are dropping in anticipation of the new launch

Apple can generally get away with charging more for a product, based on the history of its product range. With a new super high resolution 2,048×1536 resolution screen and faster graphics and cpu processing the new tablet is sure to attract those people who didn’t upgrade when the iPad 2 was released. The iPad 3 is a much more significant upgrade.

Rumours are that Apple will announce the iPad3 in the coming week, although that is not confirmed. Other tablets have failed to dethrone the iPad from the top of the sales charts, so Apple enter 2012 in a very strong position. Windows 8 tablets will be released later this year and may pose a threat to Apple.

Kitguru says: Will you be buying an iPad 3, even if the price is higher?

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