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Mini iPad will adopt new slim bezel design

I spoke a few hours ago with an industry insider in Taipei, close to the Apple supply chain. He verified that Apple are adopting a new super slim bezel for the upcoming ‘mini iPad’ tablet, said to be 7.85 inch.

Apple are known to dominate the high end, and their upcoming iPad 3 is going to cement their status as a premium tablet maker. They want to release a smaller, less expensive tablet to directly target the Amazon Kindle Fire, in order to increase their percentage dominance and to attract a wider audience who want a more portable tablet computer.

Original mock up for the iPad mini. The bezel should be slimmer than this image.

The latest news would suggest that the 7.85 inch Apple iPad mini will adopt the same 1,024 x 768 resolution used on the iPad and iPad 2, leaving the iPad 3 as the only model with 2,047 x 1,536 resolution. The iPad Mini will use a new super slim bezel to ensure that the screen almost runs to the edges of the tablet.

Kitguru says: Pricing for the iPad Mini is not yet confirmed, but Apple would need to aim for around the £300/$300 mark for the product to make sense.

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