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iPhone 5 unveiled on September 12th

It seems to have been along time coming, but Apple will finally show the iPhone 5 to press on an event held on September 12th. The company sent out invites yesterday.

The invite image says ‘It’s almost here’ with a large ’12’ signifying the date. The shadow of the 12 is warped into a ‘5’ which highlights the revision of the upcoming iPhone. It would also confirm that Apple are calling the new phone the ‘iPhone 5’.

Reports would indicate that the phone will not be available for a month after the press event. The iPhone 5 will have a 4G antenna, larger screen and other upgrades.

Apple face a challenge from Microsoft who are releasing Windows 8 soon, and a whole new range of mobile devices using the new operating system, designed from the ground up to support tablets and smartphones.

Kitguru says: Apple hope that the iPhone 5 will raise a lot of revenue for the company in the run up to the Christmas holidays.

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