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iPhone 5 will have support of new iCloud

Many people are waiting on Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5, however industry insiders are claiming that the most outstanding new feature won’t be hardware related, but more directed at iOS5 and iCloud support.

Apple have been busy creating a huge data farm in Maiden, North Carolina to make the next generation iPhone a completely new experience for the end user. iOS5 will be central to this, and Steve Jobs is set to showcase the platform, alongside Mac OS 10.7 at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference this coming week.

This event is a huge deal for Apple fans, as they get treated to new and exciting upcoming technology. This time it looks as if much of the presentation will be based around iOS5, which has a new interface methodology and will be powering the iPad, iPhone and iPod platforms.

Analysts are saying that the new software will close the gap between Macintosh, iPhone and iPad, and it will be easier for people to share and connect data between the devices. The new iCloud service will grant users access to data and services which will be streamed directly from the Apple server rack.

NextiPhonenews.com have hinted at the upcoming features saying that the upgraded platform will allow users to “exploit and take advantage of streaming both music and video and get the digital locker service”.

With the purchase of iCloud.com Apple will assuredly launch a whole new cloud service, with typical Apple quality and interface clarity. Apple have apparently paid Xcerion $4.5 million just to get the domain name.

KitGuru says: iCloud and iOS5, a match made in heaven?

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