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Sony reveal new camera sensor which may be used in iPhone 5

Very few launches are being hyped as much as the upcoming iPhone from Apple. It would appear that they are working with Sony to release a stunning new camera sensor which could improve images in both bright and low light conditions. These new sensors promise faster response times, lower power consumption and 8 to 13 megapixel versions.

The new sensors feature ‘High Dynamic Range (HDR) Movie’ capabilities and ‘RGBW Coding’ options. The iPhone 4S features an 8 MP Sony sensor, so the improvements for the upcoming iPhone would be very beneficial for the customer base.

The RGB sensor which comprises Red-Green and Blue, adds white pixels to the configuration which improves the sensors light sensitivity.

Image courtesy of Sony.

This would mean much improved low light shooting as shown above. The details on the table for instance are much improved when compared to the older sensor. It may help ‘camera shake’ under normal conditions too.

The addition of HDR movie mode is interesting. This technique is shown in the video above, and it is set to improve washed out highlights in a normal video when set against bright light in the background. It will also improve shadow detail in dark sections of image. The sensor works real time to adjust the balance of contrast. Sony say “setting two different exposure conditions within a single screen shooting and conducts the appropriate signal processing for the captured information under each optimal exposure condition.”

Kitguru says: Could this be the first phone with decent camera abilities? We will believe it when we see it.

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