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AeroMobile now offers EE customers in-flight mobile usage

Adding to its already supported O2, Three and Vodafone networks, AeroMobile, the company that allows people to send texts, browse the internet and make calls while at 30,000ft, is now offering its services to Everything Everywhere customers too.

It isn’t every plane though, so don’t just start whipping your phone out and turning off airplane mode if you’re not sure. In total there’s 150 supporting aircraft, across nine airlines. These include: Emirates, Etihad, SAS and Virgin Atlantic, the latter of which has supporting flights between the US and Gatwick, London, as well as a few flights from Manchester and Heathrow.

See? Look how happy using your phone in-flight can make some people

“Adding EE to our portfolio of roaming partners opens up inflight connectivity to even more UK passengers,” says Kevin Rogers, CEO of AeroMobile in a statement.

“EE joins the three other big operators in the UK in offering mobile customers the option to use their own phones inflight, and with more and more airlines offering the service, we expect to see increasing numbers of passengers opting to stay connected inflight. In fact, our research shows that 70 per cent of travellers would use their mobile inflight if they had the option.”Billing for the in-flight operation is dependant on the operator you’re with and the type of contract you have, though prices are described as similar to “rest of world,” rates.

KitGuru Says: It’s good they’ve got all the big operators supported on these flights now. I bet it was annoying for EE customers over the last few months who took these flights. “No sir, everyone else can use their phones, but not you.”

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