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Marvel bringing weekly comics to mobile

We learned yesterday that Comixology had made available over 700 comics to those that got hold of its app and downloaded them before the early hours of Wednesday morning – so you still have a bit of time – and now Marvel is getting in on the mobile comic action. From now on, the publisher will be releasing weekly content using the Infinite Comics format, as well as audio sountracks for digital comics known as Project Gamma.

The new Infinite Comics format was debuted at the South by South West convention in 2012. It converts traditional comics from a simple digital reproduction, into panel by panel images, so that mobile users have an easier time digesting the format on a smaller screen.

Marvel Infinite comics, coming every week from now on.

Speaking with Wired, Marvel’s editor in chief announced the new weekly Infinite comics, stating: “Each week, for 52 weeks, readers will be treated to a new episode of an Infinite Comic… featuring one of four flagship characters. Each story is 13 episodes, and each will be as relevant to readers as anything they’ll find in a store.”

The new launch begins on the 9th July, featuring Wolverine in, “Japan’s Most Wanted”. Considering the upcoming movie about the adamantium clad superhero is also based in Japan – and set for release on 25th July – this is a good tie in for Marvel. The fact that its so simple to get hold of an Infinite comic format too, means we can expect some heavy advertising before such comic book movies in the future.

Along with this new comic format, Marvel’s Project Gamma will see an interactive music score added to certain panels. Since readers will be doing so image by image, it’ll be easy for the content creators to introduce specific audio cues  at certain points in the story.

KitGuru Says: I really like the sound of the audio stings. It’s something they could easily introduce with Ereaders if they had a built in eye tracking camera.

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