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Motorola Skip – unlock your MotoX with a belt clip

Protecting a mobile phone with a password is often necessary, if a little annoying. If like me you hate using codes to protect devices then the new belt clip from Motorola called the ‘Skip' will be interesting.

The Motorola Skip is a new device that uses NFC. You can unlock the phone by simply tapping it against the clothing. The device has been discussed on the Motorola global website here and they are calling it a ‘wear it anywhere accessory'.

It is a small clip which you can attach to your clothing, such as a shirt or trousers. Pair it up with the MotoX via Near Field Communication and you can bypass the secure password or pattern lock with a quick touch. The good news is that if you lose your phone, without the Skip, the phone will still be locked out. Unless you lose both at the same time that is, which seems unlikely.

Right now the company are only selling it for the Moto X flagship phone, but we would imagine if it sells well then other companies will lock onto the idea and adopt it for their own phones, under different names.

Kitguru says: A neat idea, just don't lose both at the same time.

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