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Macintosh Pro to get updates in a week

Apple pulled back stock of their Macintosh Pro machines a short while ago, and the latest news from 9to5Mac says that Apple are due to update their models in the next week.

9to5mac got the retail part numbers.


These will be the first updates in 2 years and the pricing is said to be similar to the current range of machines. The new models will be supplied in three configurations. two standard versions and a third with OSX server.

Intel released the latest Xeon E5 chips in March this year and Apple will be using these in the new machines.

Rumours persist that Apple are still unsure if the Mac Pro desktop machines have a future, due to dwindling sales figures. They are however still popular in the professional sector, being used by designers and CAD users.

Kitguru says: A long overdue upgrade for the Apple flagship desktop machines.

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