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HTC One coming back with dual SIM and Micro SD card slots

HTC has just announced that its bringing an updated version of the HTC One to the UK, the updated flagship will feature a dual SIM slot and a microSD slot. Unfortunately this does mean that the company had to detract from the phone’s sleek, all in one design by making the back removable, just like the recently released HTC One Max.

HTC wants to point out that this is the first dual SIM phone to come to the UK, although i’m not sure how mainstream that feature will be. However, the microSD slot is a big feature, many have praised Samsung for never giving up its expandable storage slots on its flagship devices and now it seems that competing phone makers are catching on. Usually having a non removable back means you get a sleeker, sturdier and more appealing design but with higher capacity phones being so expensive, many buyers end up missing the extra space a microSD card offers.


Peter Frolund, General Manager for HTC UK said, “HTC is changing the premium mobile market, this is the first time we have released a dual SIM version of one of our premium handsets in the UK. By bringing business and pleasure together in the best designed handset in the market, we’re creating a new approach and one that we believe will appeal to businesses and their employees alike.”

You can pre-order the phone directly from HTC right now, it’ll cost you £494.99 though. Mobile carrier availability is still yet to be announced.

KitGuru Says: The HTC One was one of the best phones of the year, it had everything an Android user could want. The Sense 5 UI was also hugely improved on. Are any of you guys rocking a HTC One? I really want the red one. 

Source: The Inquirer 

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