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Samsung Galaxy S IV. The phone to have in 2013?

We are all used to the hype surrounding the latest Apple iPhone, but we think Samsung have outdone themselves with the Galaxy S IV launch. While the details are still being released, the Wall Street Journal managed to get a hands on with the phone and have posted a ‘first impressions’ article.

One of Samsung’s main focus points is the new software, however according to Spencer E. Ante, some of the functions didn’t seem to be ready for final release.

Spencer said “The Galaxy’s 4’s impressive but less-than-perfect performance underscores the challenge Samsung faces in transforming itself from a hardware-driven company into a software leader as mobile phones become increasingly commoditized.”

To be realistic, Spencer only had 30 minutes with the phone however he was able to report that the device is thinner and lighter than the previous model with a better camera, stronger battery and a bigger, clearer screen.

A Samsung sales representative said that the software development was focused around four key requirements. “The phone had to be fun, encourage closer relationships, offer convenience and help improve health and wellness.” Interesting, especially the ‘health and wellness’ point.

The camera experience was classed as the ‘fun category’. Samsung’s goal was to improve the camera quality. It has dual video recording. This “allows a user to embed a front-facing video window inside a video stream of the rear-facing camera. That way you could play TV correspondent, providing color commentary on your video.”

Spencer added “Another one called “Story Album” automatically creates a photo album with your pictures and lets you order a printed version through a partnership with publishing service Blurb.”

He continued to say that some of the camera functions didn’t seem to work properly and others failed completely. The Beauty Face algorithm was designed to slim the person, but he said it just didn’t work.

He continues on this page to explain that some of the other functionality didn’t work right, and a few of the features such as ‘Air Gesture’ didn’t work quite as well as he had expected.

So is the phone good enough to annihilate Apple this year?

He ended with “It is hard to predict if these software features together are enough to convince consumers to buy the phone in record numbers. But coupled with the improved hardware, the Galaxy S 4 should provide the strongest competition yet to the iPhone.”

Kitguru says: We hope the features will get fine tuned before final retail release.

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